One Day A Week dedicated to NHS Staff for a 15 minute Zoom Call At Our Cost

Our amazing NHS workers are facing an extremely challenging and daunting future. They are essentially putting their lives on the line for us. Day in. Day out.

On top of the worries of the coronavirus pandemic, we have seen global stock markets suffer significant falls. Not only do our NHS workers have the huge anxiety and worry of tackling the pandemic, they will also be worrying about their investments and pensions.

We are going to dedicate one day a week to offer 15 minute Zoom calls, with the costs covered entirely by us. There will be no selling, no pitch and no hidden agenda. Just 15 minutes to have someone offer you reassurance, guidance, perspective and comfort, whether this be in relation to your investments or the recent changes on NHS pensions

Anyone working within the NHS during the pandemic can get in touch via email by contacting [email protected]